Posted on: December 31, 2008 10:53 am

Where do we go from here?

I dont know what other Cleveland Browns fans think, but I need to vent.  Ever since this team came back from expansion they have been an embarassment to the Browns history.  I am only 30 years old,so I wasnt around for the Jim Brown era or the Paul Brown era.  But I am from where Paul Brown got his start, Massillon Ohio.  The hotbed for highschool football in the state of Ohio.  I remember the 80's very well, we had a solid hard nosed football team.  This team is a joke.

Where do we go from here?  I think we need to get a coach who has NFL head football coach experience.  I dont think a rookie head coach can come into cleveland and fix these problems.  We need someone to come in here and start running the show his way or the high way.  We need help in alot of areas, not just the head coaching spot or the gm.  Also I dont think that the college coach is the right way to go.  We all saw how that ended up.  I just know we are far away from being a contender and the fans in this area deserve more.

We have a few players but the majority of this team isnt very good.  We had a fluke year last year.  We beat one team that had a winning record.  Last season gave people false hope for this year.  I just hope we get this right because I know alot of people are upset and tired of the crap we put out on the field every sunday.  Its hard to be a browns fan and things need to get fixed in a hurry or I think that the browns are gonna lose alot of fans.  Hey at least we have the Cavs.

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